Pharmacy sales

With our staff of permanent sales representatives, we distribute products, introduce new products to the market, ensure appropriate supply and presentation of brand products, inform and advise pharmacists and pharmacy personnel, consult on shop window decorations and place products ex car in keeping with specific sales focuses.

Marketing, sales promotion and market

We take advantage of our constant presence in pharmacies and the continuously renewed experience it provides to develop practical marketing concepts in consultation with our partner companies, conceive sales promotion activities and pursue market research in the pharmacy sales channel.


In many cases, our partner companies handle logistics themselves. As an alternative, we also offer transactions on a clearing system basis:

OTC Pharma places orders. Products are delivered and billed by wholesale pharmaceuti-
cals suppliers.

Where this is not possible or where customers desire a different approach, we offer complete package solutions in co-operation with our partner companies:

from warehousing to shipping to billing and collection. Products are delivered directly to pharmacies and wholesale pharmaceuticals suppliers.